Does your house want to use French decorative design style?

Oct 8, 2019 Indoor decoration
Does your house want to use French decorative design style?

Does your house want to use French decorative design style?

France has always had romantic feelings, so many young people are very envious, but now it is too difficult for people to go abroad, so many people have always felt special regrets, then when decorating design You can choose French decorative design, there are characteristics of French style decorative design, people should be more curious, but also should be mastered for French style decorative design.

Does your house want to use French decorative design style?

First, the French garden belongs to the flat pattern garden. There is a flat spread. Its location is more flexible. There are many successful works in French gardens that have transformed the unfavorable terrain such as swamps into beautiful landscapes. The composition of the garden itself also reflects the hierarchy. Throughout the central axis of the park, the beautiful flower beds, statues and fountains are arranged on the central axis, and the roads are graded rigorously.

Second, the entire garden decoration design is clear, orderly, savvy, simple, clear, elegant and elegant geometric grid. It fully reflects the characteristics of artificialization. Pursuit of space infinity, vast and far-reaching. Need a lot of flat ground.

Third, the French gardens are good at using the wide garden road to form a continuous perspective line. In addition, a method of setting up a canal is adopted to construct a magnificent landscape. The French garden adopts the symmetrical method of the Italian garden axis in the plane composition. The main axis extends from the building along a straight line, and the other parts are arranged symmetrically with the axis.

Fourth, the garden form to express the theme of the supremacy of the imperial power. On the composition, the residence is in a position to play the role of controlling the whole park, usually built on the commanding heights, and the planning of the garden is subject to architecture.

Fifth, the treatment of water features: fountains and canals. French garden decoration design attaches great importance to water use. It is considered that water is an indispensable element of gardening. It is an effective means to make use of flowing water to express the vitality of garden decoration design. The design of fountains in French gardens is varied. Some are based on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, and some are based on animal and plant decorative design motifs. Most of them have specific meanings and can be coordinated with the entire garden decoration design layout.The application of the canal is mainly to create an open view and a beautiful landscape, and at the same time provide a place for the owner of the garden to play. People can take a beautiful boat cruise in the canal while listening to the touching water music and admiring the splendid gardens and palaces. At the garden party, people will also set off colorful fireworks, so that the colorful colors are reflected on the water, creating a fabulous atmosphere.

First, the French home is commonly used for whitewashing and gorgeous color matching. The whitewashing method conveys the unique introverted characteristics and style of the French country. The color matching is mainly white, gold and dark wood. French architectural decoration design is very elegant, noble and romantic. It is based on the consideration of ideal scenes, pursuing the poetic and poetic environment of architecture, and striving to infect people with deep temperament.

Second, the style decoration design is partial to the Zhuangzhongfang. The whole building adopts symmetrical shape, magnificent momentum, luxurious and comfortable living space. The roof adopts Mengsha style, the slope has a turning point, the upper part is gentle, and the lower part is steep.

Third, the French decorative design style rejects the strong color, prefers some fresh and elegant blue or green, such as a touch of small floral, which is a beautiful interpretation of French decorative design style. The French-style design style is known for its complex shapes, like chandeliers and wall lamps, all based on Rococo style.

Fourth, with the overall pure white environment, light and elegant and noble temperament, this lighting effect has become the finishing touch of the decorative design. There are many delicate tiger windows on the roof, and they are round or pointed and have different shapes.The outer wall is decorated with stone or imitation stone. The details are treated with French columns, carvings and lines. The craftsmanship is exquisite. French architecture presents a romantic and elegant style.

The characteristics of the French style decoration design, the above will give you an introduction. After reading it, people understand a lot about the house when decorating the design, we must pay attention to the cost performance, and also know the French style decoration design. This is because I know a good decorative design.

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