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Interior decoration design guidelines?

Interior decoration design guidelines?

When the decoration design, we should plan ahead, so that the decoration design can achieve the desired effect, and find professional people to carry out the decoration design, and then can integrate into their own decoration design point of view. Let people rest assured that people should know something about the classification of decoration design styles. Each decoration design style is different. In addition, it is necessary to know the interior design style guidelines.

Interior decoration design guidelines?

Modern and fashionable modern minimalist decoration design style For many young people, the pressure of business and the cumbersome entertainment make them need a simpler decoration design environment to give their body and mind a relaxing space. Unconstrained, unbound, and free from the limitations of the load-bearing wall are the requirements that many consumers face when they face the decorator. In the process of decoration design, relatively simple craftsmanship and low cost are also accepted by many working-class people.

The modern avant-garde style decoration design interpretation of the alternative life is simpler than the simple and more self-expression, the modern avant-garde style has become the choice of artistic human in the decoration design. There is no conventional space structure, bold and contrasting color arrangement, and the combination of rigid and soft materials, all of which seek a surreal balance in the cold, and the balance of this decoration design is undoubtedly a single aesthetic A powerful attack with a single concept of living and a single lifestyle.

We have reason to believe that the modern avant-garde decoration design style will not only decline, but will be more unexpected and fascinating in content and form. Elegant style reproduces elegance and warmth. If you like European classical romance, you can’t be bound by noble cumbersome. If you like simplicity and skill, but think it is not elegant enough, lack of warmth, then try the elegant design of the decoration.

There are many issues to consider when designing a decoration. The first is the feasibility criterion. The reason why the decoration design is planned is to turn the decoration design into practice through construction. Therefore, the interior decoration design must be feasible, and the construction is convenient and easy to operate.

Economic criteria, decoration design should be based on the different nature of the practice and the use of the plan to determine the norms, do not blindly improve the norms, simply seek the role of art, and do not reduce the norm and influence the role, the important thing is that under the same cost, after wonderfully The structural decoration design reaches a good useful and artistic role.

There is also the safety criterion for decoration design. Whether it is wall, floor or ceiling, the structure of the decoration design requires a certain strength and rigidity, which meets the accounting requirements, especially the joints between the parts, which is safer and more reliable. .

For the classification of decoration design styles. It is divided into many kinds, and so many decoration design classifications can make different people have different requirements. When making specific choices, it is necessary to choose the decoration design according to the actual situation of the individual, in order to be more suitable, the effect can be satisfactory, and the interior decoration design style guidelines need to be known, so that According to the rules.